Comcast tv guide not updating

It may help to do a soft reset first and then following the above instructions.

I tried changing my password to something shorter and easier and the second i did that, the internet only on my Samsung tv didnt want to connect.

I have disabled modem and router and re-powered both. 7500 series smart tv recognizes my home\u0027s wireless network, but will not connect.

I have turned off all firewalls just to see if that would let me connect. Strangely my new Samsung Blu Ray e5900 connects to the same network just fine (as do my PC, ipads, iphones, guests\u0027 devices, etc...). Otherwise, you'll have to change it in all your devices, even it it was no help. Although I don't think so, if your guests' devices work.

I basically turned off the Samsung TV, pressed Mute, 1,8,2 and power. When I turned on the TV again it automatically recognized my Wireless Router. Thank you, MGArtthis method worked for my samsung smart tv(7series)1resetting the tv and modem.2.check for latest updates for tv manually and if possible do the manual update.3.connect the tv with router using lan cable.4. now disconnect the lan cable and check the network status.(it displayed connected for me)best of luck:)I was having the same problem. After rebooting the router the TV connected automatically after I selected my network. here be careful you have to arrow up/down to get to the item you want .. TG2Cnet, yours was the magic answer that worked for me as well, thank you!

Found elsewhere, and additional steps to get into the Engineering / Tech menu ... arrows left / right cause the the field item to change. I have a Samsung UN55ES6500, and the symptom was similar to others: wifi simply stopped working.

Passwords with character like %, #, " or ë might not work. ) totally no encryption at all (no WEB, no WPA, nothing). Kees Okay so i must really be a nice guy as it took me 1hr to join CNET to reply your question ......

ha ha I currently own the Samsung UN60ES8000FXZA which is the big brother of yours .......

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