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This is not intended as a complete walk-through of the setup process.Configuring Disk Partitions During the initial text-mode setup of the system, setup will ask where to install Windows 2000. If there are multiple partitions or multiple hard disks they will be identified in the display.Windows 2000 can be installed as either an upgrade to an existing Windows operating system or as a new operating system installation.

The following checklist provides some guidelines as to the information that needs to be defined prior to initiating the installation process.

Service Components: Prior to installation, determine the services that will be required for the installed operating system.

For server installations, considerations may include Active Directory, DNS, WINS, or DHCP.

Table 3.1 Windows 2000 Pre-Installation Checklist Hardware Compatibility: Review all hardware to ensure compatibility with the Windows 2000 operating system.

Hardware components include: Motherboard, network adapters, video card, sound card, CD-ROM drives, etc.

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