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If your favorite browser is Chrome, however, there is an even better alternative.Chrome allows you to set up different users, linked to different Google accounts.In some cases, this new behavior is not desired, for instance when you want to deliver your POP3 messages to an Exchange account or simply when you want to monitor all your POP3 accounts from a single mailbox in Outlook.Changing the behavior back to the way it was in previous versions of Outlook is quite easy to do by changing the delivery location for the POP3 account to another Personal Folder set (pst-file) or Exchange mailbox.In previous versions of Outlook, my multiple POP3 accounts all delivered to the same Personal Folders list (pst-file) and mailbox.

Then add your other email accounts to this as secondary account and forward all your incoming mail to the primary Gmail address.Google supports multiple sign-ins, meaning you can sign into multiple Google accounts within a single browser.Varun has thoroughly explained this procedure in this article How To Enable & Use The New Google Multiple Sign-In Feature Gmail’s Multiple Sign-In feature works in any browser.To add an email account at Gmail, follow these steps. Log in to your Gmail(primary) account and go to the ‘Settings’ page. At the ‘Account and Import’ tab, you will find the ‘Add POP3 email account’ option. Put the full email address of your secondary account, put the user name and password of that account, keep the POP server field as it is (it is automatically chosen according to the domain of your email address), select 995 from the ‘Port’ drop-down list, tick the additional check boxes according to your need and finally, click the ‘Add Account’ button. The next dialog window asks you that whether you want to be able to send mails as that email address you just added.Simply, choose ‘Yes…’ and then the ‘Next Step’ button.

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