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The meaning of the numbers are: The strategic location of the country on the Balkan Peninsula is decisive for the fact that 4 out of 10 land Pan-European corridors run through it.

Highways in Bulgaria are dual carriageways, grade separated with controlled-access, designed for high speeds.

In Brazil, highways (or expressway/freeway) are named "rodovia", and Brazilian highways are divided in two types: regional highways (generally of less importance and entirely inside of one state) and national highways (of major importance to the country).

In Brazil, rodovia is the name given exclusively to roads connecting two or more cities with a sizable distance separating the extremes of the highway.

The Canadian freeways interconnect with each other across provincial lines, and also with the American Interstate system.

For example, freeways in Québec connect Montreal with the American border, and thence Interstate 87 continues from there to New York City, and likewise, Toronto is connected to the border by Ontario freeways, and thence by Interstate 190 to Buffalo, New York.

Belgian highways are indicated by the letter "A" and a European number, with E numbers being used most often.

Roads that are (part of) a ring road around a city or a town are usually indicated by an R number.

Highway (freeway) 407 ETR, is one of the most modern toll freeways in the world.

Metropolitan highways often have traffic lights at intersections, and rural highways usually have only one lane in each direction.

The words freeway, expressway or motorway are generally reserved for the most arterial routes, usually with grade-separated intersections and usually significantly straightened and widened to a minimum of four lanes.

Urban highways for commuting are uncommon in Brazil, and when they are present, they receive different names, depending of the region (Avenida, Marginal, Linha, Via, Eixo, etc.). Regional highways are named YY-XXX, where YY is the abbreviation of the state where the highway is running in and XXX is a number (e.g.

SP-280; where SP means that the highway is running entirely in the state of São Paulo). National highways connects multiples states altogether, are of major importance to the national economy and/or connects Brazil to another country.

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