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Howland-Hughes originally opened as a dry-goods store during a March snowstorm in 1890.

The owners, Adam Reid and George Hughes, started with 12 clerks and in cash.

Exchange Place is where Waterbury's major east-west and north-south thoroughfares intersect.

It has been called "Colley's Clock" at times for the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Charles Colley, who fought for it. The 2,500 pound statue on the Carrie Welton Fountain is in memory of Caroline Josephine Welton's black stallion, Knight, and her love of animals.

Howland, a former shoe salesman, "It was at this time that my grandfather became involved," said Howard Paine, the current owner. Paine, was working part-time as a census taker in Vermont and visited Mr. The Thom Mc An Shoes Store and Donn-L Photo Studios were on the ground floor of the Hodson Building in the 1950s.

The offices above the storefronts have been converted into "downtown luxury rental" apartments. Green was formed in the early 1950s through the consolidation of several dime store chains, including F & W Grand.

Carrie's side prevailed, and the fountain was dedicated November 10, 1888.

If you prefer to view vintage images of particular areas of Waterbury rather than take the entire tour, click on the appropriate link below.

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The landmark Apothecaries Building is in the center at the intersection of South Main and Bank Streets. Their Waterbury trolley routes were leased to the Connecticut Company, a subsidiary of the New Haven Railroad, on August 1,? The leased routes were turned back to CR&L on November 16, 1936.

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