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When Chandler says "boy did we make friends with the wrong sister," a crew member is clearly visible on the left edge of the screen holding equipment with many yellow wires coming down behind Matthew Perry and the kitchen table.

A porn star has revealed she fears recovering drug addict Matthew Perry has relapsed after the actor pleaded with her to get him '40/50' prescription pills.

In 1997 the actor completed a 28-day program for Vicodin addiction, later telling Larry King that he took the painkiller 'mostly just to not drink as much as I was.'In 2001 he entered a rehab to recover from his use of Vicodin, methadone, amphetamines, and alcohol.

The star, who looked ashen, puffy and bloated in photos obtained by Daily Mail TV in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, has been battling his demons ever since.

Everybody in the bar would go, "You, you can’t do that. Explaining his rationale, he said: 'If you're thrown from treatment to the outside world, sometimes its too bumpy.'But in 2015 Perry sold the facility's luxe Malibu property for .65 million with reports suggesting he had abandoned his passion project.

He later said: 'That was a Malibu beach house and it was too expensive to run and the business didn't really work.'In June, the Phoenix House, a California-based treatment center, presented Perry with the 2015 Phoenix Rising Award, although the actor modestly laughed off the honor.

She says she first met Perry in 2013 through a mutual friend.'He had asked one of my friends about me and wanted know if she could set us up,' she recalls.'I was like of course, he's super hot, why not.Rachel nips that in the bud but fails to stop Jill dating Ross.Monica was send home because she's too sick to work, but maintains beings sick is for sissies and therefore decides to seduce poor germ-threatened Chandler with sex.Joey surprises the Friends by charging them at Central perk to the cent, but shocks them when he gives pretty girls freebies.When Gunther finds out he takes it out of Joey's pay and the broke Casanova uses the only loophole which is giving the girls free muffins by pretending it's their birthday.

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