Covering up interracial dating

Imagine if a white writer whose only other credit was for a soft porn film in which the humiliation of black people was depicted. And can you imagine the interview beforehand when Butler presumably pitched the show to Nickelodeon?Then imagine if he wrote a children’s show in which a white alpha male kid got all the female attention while a nerdy black kid was made fun of. It wasn’t as if he had a prolific history of making top-rated kids TV shows.Many Arabic men are offended at the thought of a Caucasian male dating an Arabic woman, but Arabic men see no problem in dating Caucasian women. and if anyone sees the hypocrisy in this, let me know..... Any thoughts of a woman seeking her own way, let alone her own sexual or emotional satifsaction, are highly offensive to them. I often tell people I date the "rainbow" or I am an "international lover" meaning I enjoy dating women of all races.Joe Isn't that the case in most interracial dating? For a woman totally immersed in that culture, those kinds of thoughts are extremely radical. It's actually the law in most of the places they reign. I seem to gravitate towards Hispanic or White women mostly but just to keep it 100, race doesn't even become an issue with me when it comes to dating.There is a certain look of a woman that I like and that look could be from any race of woman.I became attracted to white women at the very young age of 6 years old! I can remember growing up and being the only black guy in the school (was a private school) so I had no choice but to have an interest in someone outside of my race.Did Nickelodeon managers not think twice about hiring a writer of fetish movies to make content for minors?Gawker also claims that the whole controversy was contrived by a 4chan user who sought to deliberately whip up hysteria around the issue.

– Butler’s Facebook page shows that he has ‘liked’ porn star Taylor Wane – best known for her roles in cuckold fetish videos.

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In promo shots, Bella’s hair usually covers the word “dogs” on her shirt, making it appear to just read “bull”.

– In one scene, Bella is blindfolded and led to a basement initiation where she is ordered to slap a bull.

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According to critics, who have called on Nickelodeon to cancel the show, the broadcast is replete with subtle and not so subtle references and symbols that echo the themes of interracial cuckold fetish porn.

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