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Each search has its own guide and you'll see they are separated into Standard (should be done in every case), Regional (area specific) and Optional (not essential but often useful tools for the would be purchaser).All buyers should beware that when you buy a property, the law assumes that you have seen the information that would have been revealed by searches whether or not you have actually carried them out, so you buy the property subject to the results.They have filed “Miller Act Notices” at the White House and have proposed a remarkable non-tax 0 billion new revenue source and a Win-Win fix for the horrific problems that this theft has caused. For new readers unfamiliar with the Leader Technologies story, we have added a footnote overview of the Leader “innovation magic” story below so that we can get to the main theme of this post. No reasonable person can view the giving away of a vital office to a foreign power as anything but sedition. Army, Navy, SPAWAR, Intelligence, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, US Border Patrol as well as the Transportation and Commerce Departments. Silverman formerly with Bain & Company (Mitt Romney). Bradford Antle who, according to his Bloomberg biography, was still working for Lockheed Martin, where he was leading Lockheed Martin's Washington Technical Operations with 1,700 employees. These sorts of devious convolutions have come to be expected by our researchers. At this same time Michael Mc Kibben (who later founded Leader Technologies) was being told by AT&T Bell Labs engineers with whom he was working to create AT&T Access Plus 3.0 for Windows 95 that Lotus Notes Conclusion In conclusion, we have tried to introduce the primary caves in this labyrinth of global corruption. The American Republic can survive this, if we acknowledge what is going on and do something about it. President: Defund the Criminals and Fund The Miller Act Notice Mr.See What is the connection with Leader Technologies’ social networking invention? Once we proved the immediate evidence of the We knew a little about Lockheed and USAID, but nothing about SES, OPIC, Serco or the Crown Agents. This alone should get your blood boiling, but it gets much, much worse. So more likely, the Queen controls the nuclear activities of both Lockheed Martin and Serco in Britain. These caves lead us back to the beginning of our investigation—into the people and organizations who stole Leader Technologies’ social networking invention to promote their globalist One World agenda. President, please pull the plug on these corruptocrats and their illegal funding streams.Honest citizens of the world cannot allow these corruptocrats to succeed. That is a longer answer that is superbly answered in the just released AIM article: EXPOSED: ALL THE QUEEN’S AGENTS AND CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD. 14, 1998 by Chicago bankers with Frontenac Company principals Rodney L. If the former is true, then British sovereignty over its national security has been ceded to Lockheed Martin. Comey and former Lockheed Martin director of Technical Operations in Washington, D. These events within Serco (UK) occurred right when S. Therefore, the Crown has 100% control of its subsidiary in the U. and the Do D Director of Net Assessment—an SES member since 1978 Andrew W.[Note: Over a year ago we sent a copy of this Crimeline to then Senator Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General.] Leader Technologies’ shareholders are currently asking President Trump to pay them for the 18-year theft of their social networking invention by the federal government and our rogue Silicon Valley technology community. Patent Office is not capable of running itself without foreign help?! We could not believe this either, but here is Serco’s 2015 press release announcing its deal with Obama. Serco’s American subsidiary, SI International, Inc. Goldstein formerly with Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jeremy H. If the latter is true, then America’s national security has been traded away by Lockheed Martin who is managing multiple sets of national interests and is, therefore, sometimes acting against the United States in its dealing with the United Kingdom. Bradford Antle worked for General Electric (and probably facilitated the sale, with the plan to eventually work for Lockheed, form SI International, then have Serco UK buy in to the US classified business via SI International). Marshall—to be the platform to be used by the Deep State shadow government to control and spy on Internet communications. (interestingly, headquartered in CERN, Switzerland), in collusion with Lockheed Martin, appear to be the intelligence arm of this globalist corporate takeover.They are prohibited from holding “even one share” by a spouse in a litigant. military contracts that were then sold in 2008 to Serco (UK) who was a partner with Lockheed in AWE Management Limited (Atomic Weapons Establishment)(UK) along with British Nuclear Fuels Limited in which the British Crown has a "Golden Share" and 100% control. AWE Management Limited (UK) (Atomic Weapons Establishment) On Nov. The Queen, via Rio Tinto, actually sells these companies uranium ore to produce the nuclear fuel—that is enriched in America! BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.).The games that our judges, politicians and bureaucrats are currently playing by hiding their financial holdings in large corporate litigants behind conspiring mutual funds is just obscene. Bradford "Brad" Antle very evidently orchestrated the creation of SI International, Inc. 10, 1998, AWE Management Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom by two lawyers who had one share each. Bradford Antle had just started Serco’s US predecessor SI International in Chicago. So, did the AWE directors check with the Queen before making this deceptive statement? Lockheed Martin appears to be a globalist government unto itself Lockheed’s influence over critical national security organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including AWE, Serco, SES and OPIC is evident. It appears that Lockheed Martin sold out the American Republic long ago. We have two more groups to discuss, then we will swing back around to SES and OPIC.

Our guides will walk you through the process and highlight some of the common pitfalls. First you should read about the risks, then if you're still happy to proceed, our guides will take you through each stage of the process telling you what to look out for and helping you avoid falling into expensive traps.Besides watching the court ignore well-settled precedent so that they could protect Facebook, the judges themselves held volumes of Facebook financial interests. In short, both the American and British peoples have been sold out to these globalist transnationalist corporatist entities. Also note that this filing occurred just 18 days after the On Dec. registration of shares that for British Nuclear Fuels, Lockheed Martin and Serco. It should be noted again that former FBI Director James B. ENRICHMENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED is an alias designated on Dec.Judges are expressly prohibited by their sworn Code of Conduct from engaging in such immoral and illegal activity. contracts in an absolute conflict of interest for both British and U. your nuclear program AFI investigators have discovered what looks like hard proof of sedition among Lockheed Martin, Brad Antle and James Comey. Comey was chief counsel of HSBC in 2013, being paid about million for less than a year of employment.” They did not mention the Queen’s Golden Share that ultimately controls everything having to do with uranium and atomic weapons production in the UK. 17, 2009 for its original name BNFL ENRICHMENT LIMITED formed on May 25, 2001.Genesis -15.—AFI began this investigation in 2012 to try and understand why the U. Supreme Court failed to protect Leader Technologies’ revolutionary invention of social networking—even after Leader proved that Facebook infringed their patent on 11 of 11 claims.What we have discovered is a labyrinth of organized sin and corruption that permeates practically every institution on our planet. Take special note that it appears that HSBC is handling Rio Tinto’s corporate filings.

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