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I always believed that my democratic government supported that choice. It’s cybersex when you’re an overseas worker stripping over Skype in front of your Filipino wife.My bedroom is my bedroom, but unlike the generations before me, my bedroom is not limited to the 12 by 12 foot space my P6,000 a month rental affords me. It’s cybersex when you use Snap Chat and exchange nude pictures with your girlfriend.There are as many apps for cybersex and dating as there are available motel rooms in the back streets of Pasig.It’s an alphabet soup of possibilities for every mobile preference – Alikewise, Badoo, Cloud Girlfriend, Cupid, EHarmony, Kik, Grindr, Tinder – as well as the whole range of messaging platforms like Face Time, Yahoo! The criminalization of sex All of these make it difficult to understand why the Supreme Court upheld Congress’ declaration that the act of cybersex is a criminal act deserving of 6 years in jail or P200,000 in penalties.The truth is that it is not necessary to justify cyber sex. I do not know which is more dangerous: the legal imposition of an older generation’s morals on a new generation, or that my lawmakers do not know the difference between cybersex and cyber prostitution.Between righteousness and idiocy, the result is clear—the next generation will be breaking a law every time they want to fuck.

The rest upheld the criminalization of cybersex, claiming that it is clear from congressional deliberations that the clause is only against “illegal cybersex.” The point is to “punish cyber prostitution, white slave trade and pornography for favor and consideration.” (READ: Cybersex, media, privacy and the cybercrime law) Nowhere in the law is it clear.The court majority appears to be satisfied applying archaic values to sex. The rules are different today from they were twenty years ago. Sex online by virtue of its nature is both limited and expanded by its virtuality—a date can be an imaginary picnic under tangerine trees and marmalade skies just as well as it can be a naked exhibition over Yahoo! The Internet is not to blame here, any more than motels charging P599 for three hours can be penalized for being the site of sexual encounters.The burden of proof The Internet has created a new language, a new social order, one that is still private, still free, still driven by personal choice.Adding the word cyber to sex doesn’t make sex pornographic, much less, criminal.All over the world all things cyber will become as conventional as smart phones are today, from Google glass to Ocular Rift’s virtual reality, and many of these will be platforms for cyber sex.

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