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As I said, this step is not necessary, but will help you up the speed if you want to use the Cygwin distribution from the that will be a top root directory for your installation.Make sure that the directory path for your Cygwin installation does not have spaces in it, or you will have a lot of problems, since you will have to use quotes to access it for every and any command.Usually it will be OK since Cygwin remembers but pay attention.Namely, in the examples above the was also the same as provided before. should look the same as when you installed the Cygwin the first time.However, there is a package for Cygwin that resembles the debian icon.You can double-click on it to get a very basic Cygwin shell window. To use the regular Windoz file path notation you would need to double the backslash characters (under Unix, the LT-N0638|~ $ ls -l D:\cygwin cygwin warning: MS-DOS style path detected: D:\cygwin Preferred POSIX equivalent is: / CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this warning.This way they can claim that they are the leader in software development.For the end user, however, it results in constantly learning new useless stuff that they do not need and spending time in reverting or disabling the new features of Windows to the state before the change.

If you HAVE admin privileges, install Cygwin for All Users. Check also if you have a by the package name, it is already selected. Devel ascii binutils bison gcc4-* # download gcc4 rather than gcc since newer CPAN modules need it make openssl-devel patchutils perl-Ext Utils-Depends perl-Ext-Utils-Pkg Config zlib-devel Doc cygwin-doc cygwin-x-doc man perl-manpages textinfo xorg-docs xpdf Editors emacs emacs-X11 joe nano ted vim xemacs xemacs-emacs-common xemacs-tags ... Perl perl perl-XML-Simple perl-libwin32 perl-ming pwget Publishing pdftk ... Text a2ps aspell aspell-en groff gv less test2html tidy Utils bzip2 cpio diffutils gnupg ncurses Web curl links lynx webcheck wget wput X11 font-adobe-dpi100 font-adobe-dpi75 font-alias font-bitstream-dpi100 font-bitstream-dpi75 font-daewoo-misc font-dec-misc font-encodings font-isas-misc font-jis-misc font-util font-xfree86-type1 fontconfig freetype2 imake xauth xclock xfig xfig-lib xfontsel xhost xinit xkeyboard-config xlsfonts xman xmore xorg-docs xorg-scripts xorg-server xorg-server-common xorg-util-macros xpdf xset xterm xwd xwud Now it will download and download and download....

The only thing i use anymore for is updates and sometimes browsing for packages. There are a few forks but this one just works great!

This guy over at github seems to stay on top of it, since the google code page died a long time ago.

First of all, your username should not have spaces in it.

If it has, you are hosed, and your sysadmins are idiots.

Search for cygwin updating:

cygwin updating-6cygwin updating-42 Just use it like you would apt-get.

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