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A land where Native American’s hunted buffalo by the herds of 10,000 and more!Ride horseback down the wagon trails from the 1800’s while driving cattle.See a land that hasn't’t changed much since the early settlers or Lewis and Clark’s Expedition in 1804.Rolling Plains Adventures is located on the Black Leg Ranch in Sterling, North Dakota.This package includes: 3 days hunting for pheasants, waterfowl, or coyotes, 4 nights lodging in one of our private lodges, bird cleaning, professional guide, hunting dog, transportation, and more!Make sure to check out all of our packages we offer!Make your reservations today for the ultimate hunting adventure!Enjoy plentiful wildlife, recreation and scenic beauty, while you enjoy plush accommodations and the finest pheasant hunting North Dakota has to offer!

Totally wild birds and extremely friendly people have made Rolling Plains Adventures one of the largest upland, big game, and waterfowl outfitters in North Dakota.

This is Your Vacation There is no limit to the fun and hospitality that Rolling Plains Adventures offers!

This family owned hunting paradise provides North Dakota hunting and lodging year round.

Black Leg Ranch is on its 5th generation and was homesteaded back in 1882.

Learn about local history and witness some of the amazing sunsets while hunting one of the oldest working ranches in the state still in operation.

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Relax With Your Friends We believe pheasant and duck hunting with your friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in the field.

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