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It's not only about removing race based discrimination. Before the Europeans reached America, Native Americans were the least diverse humans on the planet.

Maurico Alejo Even for a mathematician, Mc Kinlay is unusual.

— Using the largest set of radiocarbon dates ever obtained from a single Maya site, a team of archaeologists have developed a high-precision chronology that sheds new light on patterns leading up to ...

— Researchers have demonstrated a new compact spectroscopic instrument that offers a highly sensitive optical method for detecting radiocarbon dioxide concentration, which can be used to carbon date ...

Learn about different types of radiometric dating, such as carbon dating.

— A team of researchers has developed a new programming language that handles that switching automatically.

— Gihon Spring was crucial to the survival of its inhabitants, and archaeologists had uncovered the remains of a massive stone tower built to guard this vital water supply. — In a new paper, the authors explain how harvesting data from tree-rings could revolutionize the study of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and Mayan worlds. — Researchers have used radiocarbon measured in deep-sea fossil corals to shed light on carbon dioxide levels during Earth's last deglaciation.

Fossil corals have the unique advantage that they ...

Computer simulations build on, and are a useful adjunct to purely mathematical models in science, technology and entertainment.

The reliability and the trust people put in computer simulations depends on the validity of the simulation model.

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