Dating a girl with spina bifida

The problem wasn't space -- we're blessed with plenty of that.

This is an unfolding project and I'll be documenting it as I go. And, as a side bonus, we'll eventually be keeping about 550 tires and a fifteen-foot stack of newspapers out of the landfill.

In short, raised beds seemed like the perfect solution.

With materials we had on hand, we made those four beds for the small fruits, and what a difference it's made!

An anomaly scan, also known as a mid-pregnancy scan, takes a close look at your baby and your womb (uterus).

The person carrying out the scan (sonographer) will check that your baby is developing normally, and look at where the placenta is lying.

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We've lived in north Idaho for nearly nine years now, and it's worth noting that we've never had a successful garden. If it's not the heavy clay soil, it's the boggy spring conditions, the weeds, the short growing season, the deer, the voles, or even the grasshoppers. It hardly made a difference since we were still competing with the other issues (boggy spring rains, deer, etc.).

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