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For €500 each, we were living it up in Googletown, just a kilometre from Sandymount Strand and so close to town that every time we ever got a taxi it felt a bit criminal.However, as all good things do, our two years of rental bliss unfortunately came to an end.I felt like people judged me the second I said I was a journalist as well and I had to stress that, actually it was a permanent contract and I did have regular normal hours, and actually I mostly just spend my days searching for stock images of babies instead of infiltrating crime rings. When I hadn’t heard back from a viewing for a few days, I began to worry in the same way I do if I didn’t get a text back from someone I really liked after a date.‘It went so well’ I’d tell my friends the next day but as the hours ticked by I’d lose hope.The Tiny House Blog also recently covered Tiny House Parking, that tries to address the biggest problem with tiny houses, which is "Where do I put the thing?" It's a work in progress that I had serious trouble navigating.While researching the tiny house movement, I noticed several themes.One of them was that “other people” just don’t understand our values.

The way things are going at the moment, you might need to get Garda Clearance to rent a room in two more years, and I certainly thought some of the people I met were a step away from asking me for a photocopy of my parents’ marriage certificate.

However, just checking out the areas around where I live, the site is populated by people who are considering tiny house living but need a place to put it, and are looking in places where it is totally illegal.

The fact is, back yards do not have plumbing and the cost of installing it is prohibitive.

I turned up at the viewing in my runners, with my racket in hand and blatantly gave the impression that I was obsessed with playing squash every evening and probably wouldn’t be around (lie).

I told them I was from Kerry, and I liked to go home as many weekends as I could (maybe one weekend in every five).

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I’d worry that it was something I said that gave cause for the rejection and I distinctly remember rushing home after work to wash my hair and reapply make-up to make a good first impression at a viewing, which looking back was pathetic.

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