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Which basically told me he knew he and I were suppposed to hang out the night before.If we ever do spend any length of time alone, its usually when his wife and kids are out of town.I met a married man 10 years ago and we went out twice in real life but for the most part it was an online relationship - like hundreds of hours of chatting in getting to know each other - like we all did back in the day.He would disappear for lengths at a time and I didn't know he was married until I did some online sleuthing and put 2 and 2 together.On the flipside of not wanting to hangout hes also done and said things I find odd, none of which is overtly sexual but it just seems like hes trying to get a "thrill" in when he can.Like he will say hes going to touch my ass and he has in fact repeatedly poked, pinched and slapped my ass.

I really appreciate his friendship and enjoy hanging out with him, and hes been a great encouragment to me but on most occassions if I ask him to hangout he will immediatley say " Sure!I cant tell if this is purposeful or just because hes bored when theyre gone.I got my own place a few years back and Ive invited him over at least five times and he never would come." And one time he even said " Go talk to my wife.", i found that one very odd.There have been times when I was just done trying to maintain friendship with him and after about a month of not talking to him he'd often text me saying how much he appreciates our friendship.

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