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Now, I am sure you are thinking that this is way too soon for both of us.I have just come out of a 20 marriage of hell to an alcoholic and I have also 3 children that I am still raising. But I can honestly say that I did do the majority of my grieving way before I ever left my ex.I honestly think we are not meant to be alone, some of us just get better at it over time.Life is short and what would be so bad about falling in love when so many things point to the potential for a happy, solid relationship.I just feel so happy right now but also scared to death of getting hurt.I know he wouldn't do it intentionally and I know there are no guarantees.

I have to respect that he needs time to be himself and figure things out. In you situation take it day by day dont rush things you both need time.I have asked for more time and found out that he is not ready for that.I my sistuation he has decided to stop see me adn get his life together.As long as you're aware, what else is there for you to do to protect yourself? And it's much too late to say that you shouldn't have started the relationship in the first place so, have fun, continue to enjoy one another and whatever you do, don't ruin it by worrying too much but be prepared for the possibility that he will probably not be your last man. Whether this is a transitional relationship, or a more permanent one, there is something to be learned.I'm not sure there is something wrong with someone who hates to be alone.

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