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And there is no despair like that of those who are able to see it.

Pro-lifers are walking willingly and with their eyes wide open into the trap that has been laid, but there is no reason they should.

For months now, pro-life leaders have been lining up behind the least likely pro-life hero our country has ever seen. But as we draw near to the end of this long and sordid campaign, they are standing behind and beside the Republican nominee for president, explaining away his misogyny and racism for the promise of Supreme Court justices.

But the truth is there has never been a pro-life case for voting for Donald Trump.

He then rightly critiqued Hillary Clinton’s support of partial-birth abortion, which normally would have scored serious points.

But he overreached, choosing a wildly implausible scenario to focus on: a baby being aborted a day before its due date.

“Words, words, words,” Hamlet laments: That is all Donald Trump can sound out, with only the barest ability to arrange them into coherent sentences.

And his comments on abortion at the final debate last week demonstrated that Trump doesn’t care much about pro-life issues — and that he doesn’t know much about them, either.

Still, pro-life movement leaders stood behind Trump after the debate.

Ralph Reed, founder of the Christian Coalition, said that Trump’s answers on abortion gave evangelicals “permission” to vote for him.

That movement leaders have been so susceptible to affirming Trump indicates that a truncated vision of the movement’s political ends has taken hold of our imaginations and witness.

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None of these would have moved pro-lifers to agree with her, but they would have demonstrated that on such an issue, Clinton really is interested in being the president of all Americans.

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