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Peru, Ecuador and Western Brazil, and on another map, Argentina and Chile are illustrated on this page.

An inset on the map of Peru shows the Galapagos Islands and the other map has an inset of the southern portions of Argentina and Chile.

An inset on the tobacco map shows the concentration of land used for tobacco farming.

Counties, cities, towns, churches, important land forms, train stations, railroad lines, major roads, post offices and telegraph stations are all identified.

It became their Business Atlas, and also a successful series of pocket maps.

Published until 1910, the Business Atlas then became the Commercial Atlas of America until 1937, and was published thereafter as Rand Mc Nally’s Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide.

The first map to really distinguish the company was Rand Mc Nally & Co’s New Railroad and County Map of the United States and Canada, published in 1876.

This map formed the basis of numerous further publications, since it could be broken down to show different states or regions.

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The 1936, sixty-seventh edition of the "Rand Mc Nally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide" is unique in its inclusion of informative details concerning population sizes, district uses, the size of counties, and railroad routes.

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