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In 20, the state legislature expanded the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), originally passed in 1994, creating harsher measures for registrants.

The amendments retroactively made most registrants register for life and imposed geographic exclusion zones barring them from living, working, or spending time with their children in large areas of every city and town.

Noting the lack of evidence that registries actually do anything to protect the public, the Court held that Michigan cannot cast people out as “moral lepers” solely on the basis of a past offense without any determination that they actually present a risk to the community. All people with records, including individuals convicted of sex offenses, are less likely to recidivate when they have strong family and community support, stable housing, educational opportunities, and good jobs.

Most Child Sex Offenses Are Committed by Non-Registrants Who Know the Victim About 93 percent of child sex abuse cases are committed by family members or ac­quaintances, not strangers.

Lester and Amanda Anderson at home in Elkhart, Ind.

As the image below shows, the size and shape of exclusion zones depends on how you measure them.

Because registrants and law enforcement officials have no way of knowing where property lines are, they cannot know where exclusion zones begin and end.

The risk that someone will commit a new sex offense varies significantly among offenders.

Most people convicted of sex offenses do not reoffend sexually.

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