Dating advice 4 secrets to a spectacular relationship

” I’m not always perfect, but every time I do this, I feel like my relationship goes a little more consciously in the directly I want it to.Just following this one bit of wisdom has saved me a lot of heartache and trouble; not just in my marriage, but in every aspect of my life. Everything anyone else does is really about them, that’s including your partner. If we take things personally when our partner acts not so wonderfully, we’re likely to feel unloved.Making new acquaintances to go out with on a couple of casual dates, for example, is really a bit different than zealously looking for [...]A lot of people tend to take break up seriously. This affects their personal and professional relationship in a negative manner.Health of the individual is also [...]Is money so hard to understand?

Then she’s upset at me because she thinks that there’s no reason I should be upset at her, when I’m the one that did something wrong in the first place. All of this confusion can be avoided if we simply don’t make assumptions and don’t take things personally.Financial problems in a marriage are definitely a true relationship killer and one of the most common marriage problems that unnecessarily result in divorce.Money matters are quite simple [...]When people are told that they need to communicate more they often think that that is an open invitation to talk but there is a complete difference between talking and communicating.You may have known physically flawless women that rarely had a date on the weekends.While it may not make sense, [...]As more and more single mothers start re-entering the dating arena, there are some tricky situations to maneuver through.

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I assumed that she knew I didn’t want to go somewhere with her because I had a headache.

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