Dating advice for women after divorce

Find a way to work through the lingering emotions from the demise of your marriage, advises psychologist Robert Alberti, Ph D, co-author of Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends.

That may mean talking out your feelings with a therapist or focusing your energy in a healthy activity you enjoy.

It can be a way to work toward a better life, with someone who has no agenda but YOU. But the fact is that many people feel a lot of self-rejection after a divorce.

"You might think that there must be something wrong with you if you couldn't make this relationship work," Alberti says.

So don't reject the idea of any change, just because you can't make every change.

"That's a lot of people, and there are a lot of opportunities for social connection.

There are possibilities to pick up new friends and enter different kinds of groups that have to do with your interests.

Maybe it's trying a new sport, considering a different place of worship, or going back to college.

Maybe you realize that you'd like to move to a new city or even spend a year living in Paris.

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