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Cordon Press represents more than 50 photographers covering fashion, society, cultural and political affairs, sports, human interest and much more, producing more than 1,000 pictures each week with the highest quality results. The agency uses its knowledge and experience for the photographers' benefit and allows them to create with complete freedom.Despite changes in the industry its objective has remained the same: favor both the authors and in-depth reporting on social issues.Lisbon-based 4See produces high quality images from the Iberian Peninsula.Founded by four photographers with the goal of promoting excellent photojournalism made by experienced and young promising talents, 4See’s vision is focused on building stories and essays about social and human topics.

Anzenberger Agency represents 50 international photographers worldwide and distributes another 200 photographers with more than 2,500 photos & text features and a growing archive with now about 300,000 carefully selected images.Their stock archive is regularly updated with news, the economy, travel features and general issues affecting Latin Americans.Archivolatino now boasts one of the most complete image archives of their region.Camera Press is one of Britain's top independent picture agencies.Founded in 1947 we represent high profile photographers and agencies worldwide.

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Their collection includes vintage celebrity shots from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, current events covered from a unique artistic perspective, and travel photography.

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