Dating and courtship history

She would’ve liked to have been a virgin, but the guy kept putting the pressure on her, so eventually she gave him access to her body.

“She thought, “we’re going to be married soon and it’ll all be ok”.

“And it’s designed so that in the beauty of the “honeymoon sexual experience”, a young man and woman would begin the “gluing” process which not only brings healing to their bodies, but to their relationship. It’s such a wonderful expression of forgiveness for the imperfections of another person’s life.

It’s such an affirming, kind, and ministry-based expression of love – caring for another human being.” The typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship may be Western society’s standard path to finding a life partner, but it’s fundamentally flawed, says to Dr Meyer.

He says the physical touch involved in such relationships are precursors to sex.

“Holding hands, cuddling, kissing, the issues of sexual arousal, they are all part of a mechanism that is designed to lead to intercourse and orgasm.

“It’s that premature beginning of the arousal, treating another person as if they’re your sexual partner – even if it doesn’t lead to full-on intercourse – when you have no idea yet whether you’re prepared to stick around and honour the impact that you’re having on their life.” As a youth pastor and teacher Dr Meyer said he watched many young people break each other’s hearts. “They would hold hands and kiss and cuddle and treat each other like they’re really special for three weeks, and then the next thing you know, one drops the other. “I watched kids leave school over it, over the humiliation. And I think people are worth more than that.” By repeating the process of pairing up and breaking up, we form patterns that can follow us through life, says Dr Meyer.

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