Dating ariane 5 torrent M87b C4q — Michael Baylor (@nextspaceflight) January 25, 2018 SES-14 – produced by Airbus Defence and Space for operator SES based on the E3000 EOR (Electric Orbit Raising) version of its Eurostar E3000 platform – was set to serve Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and the North Atlantic region with its C- and Ku-band wide beam coverage, as well as Ku-band high-throughput spot beams coverage.

SES-14 also had a NASA-funded hosted payload for the Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission, which is to improve understanding of the thermosphere-ionosphere.

However, despite the webcast acting as if this had proceeded to plan, it was later revealed Arianespace was not being entirely truthful with its viewers.

In fact, screenshots of the screens used by the controllers pointed to the reality of the situation.

It was hoped both satellites may still be alive despite the announcement.

The latest mission was designated Flight VA241 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system.

Understanding the fundamental processes that govern our upper atmosphere and ionosphere is crucial to improve situational awareness that helps protect astronauts, spacecraft and humans on the ground.

“GOLD’s imaging represents a new paradigm for observing the boundary between Earth and space,” said Bill Mc Clintock, the deputy principal investigator on the CU-Boulder spectrograph and a senior research scientist at LASP.

This total factors in the two satellite passengers’ combined liftoff mass, as well as hardware for Ariane 5’s dual-payload deployment system.

Riding in Ariane 5’s upper position, SES-14 was to be deployed first in the flight sequence, with its separation occurring 27 minutes after liftoff.

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