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Even if you underestimate the work or are not prepared to do it, CS is more about learning the actual material than about getting good grades (unless you want to go to grad school).

You can get interviews for internships and even full-time positions without listing your GPA on your resume; getting work in the software world is all about proving you're actually competent in your interview process.

I don't know that number or where to find it, but I will tell you that CS and EECS together are quite a big number on campus; I think CS classes are extremely large now and still hard to get into.

That being said I also understand CS is a super popular major so I wouldn't find it surprising that even more people are applying and don't get in.

I wouldn't stress too much over the CS attrition rate.

However, I find that actually it's not so bad; some students may not care about a certain class at all or may not care about school at all, and other students may prioritize other things like partying or clubs over academics, some students might have a tough schedule and struggle with a large workload, and some other students may just be lazy and not do the work required.In CS doing the homework and projects seriously will really cut down on your exam studying time since the material will be a lot more "firsthand".However, if you do all these and still struggle, there are still more resources you can resort to.If you work together on homework and projects with your peers (without cheating of course), just discussing things and disputing things helps you learn a lot more.Studying with another person makes it much harder to miss something important.

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Make sure you are understanding things though, instead of memorizing.

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