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Now this isn’t to suggest that developing a friendship first will somehow help you to avoid all the nonsense.However, it might place you in a better position to avoid taking things to a level with someone you’re probably better off not going there with. w=499" class=" wp-image-5715 alignright" src=" w=404&h=608" alt="black man and woman 6 - Opinionated" width="404" height="608" srcset=" Two weeks in, a few phone calls and several text messages later, you have an actual date or two (if you’re lucky these days). So well, that all that goodness leads you to the bedroom. After all, isn’t that why we date – to connect like dots and legos? It starts off with that highly anticipated telephone conversation you’ve both been eagerly awaiting since you first met. But through it all, there is no denying the thrilling allure of being in the presence of someone you have yet to experience while eagerly searching for a romantic connection with him/her.

We are so quick to jump to the opportunity of having a boyfriend in our lives, that we end up making a decision that is not what’s best for us.

Whatever the case, why does it seem that after finally sleeping with someone we discover we can’t stand them? What are we seeing after sex that we didn’t see before having it?

It’s almost as if getting naked and exchanging a few licks, some gyrations, and body fluids magically reveals that his bald spot isn’t really a part; or that her sweet sassiness is really just…well,… Ratchet hyperbole aside, most times the indicators of incompatibility are much more subtle, but in our quest for that romance we either simply ignore the obvious, or haven’t gathered nearly enough information to determine if this person is either worth our time or a headache we’d like to happily avoid. There are times we only want simple love affairs and other times we desire commitment; but how many of us desire to become friends? Not friends as the end all be all of our romantic endeavors, but actual friends before AND in addition to the romance being sought after? Seriously, as much as we theoretically understand the importance of a solid foundation to any relationship we desire, the reality is that in practice, much of our romantic affairs are built on straws.

That said, here are 5 Benefits to Being Friends Before Lovers. We want companionship, love, sex or some combination of the three.

The hard part is figuring out which of those three things the person you’re seeing wants as well (assuming they even want anything from you at all). We trust more with our bodies than we do with our hearts. How many of you reading this have friends that know you more intimately than your significant other ever will? How many of us have had more than our fair share of short-lived ‘romances’? Chances are many of those instances left much to be desired. Yet there is no denying the dependability, growth and fulfillment we experience with our friends.

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Being a young, female adult, I have always had the desire of being able to call my boyfriend my best friend. Our society is so focused on love and the idea of dating, that we all feel so constantly pressured to quickly get ourselves into a relationship.

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