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Christ what have we done as black men to be shitted on like this? (@Real Bearded Dre) April 29, 2018 If Issa Rae could actually get an Asian man, she would've just done so by now.

Truth be told, they ain't fucking with her black ass either lmao…..

— Cis lord problematic™ (@In The Dark IShine) April 30, 2018 I say if a black man said what Issa Rae said y’all would flip.

In this get-real-with-yourself book, psychoanalyst Marshall encourages you to figure out your deal breakers before dating someone, and stand by those.Many have praised this practical, strategic approach to finding love because it empowers one to take action.Great for those who appreciate a practical, scientific approach, this book picks apart common misunderstandings about divorce and works to make clear what happiness in a marriage really means.“I want to be mad but I see the countless tweets of black men telling black women that they unattractive and undeserving.So…” “An influential black woman (Issa rae) is telling black women to procreate with Asian men because they will intellectually suit black women in her book….

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Issa Rae told the educated black women to get them an Asian man.

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