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When cutting the plug wires, if anything cut them longer than needed because you can shorten them later.If you cut a wire too short at the beginning, you might need to buy another set of wires or figure out if that short wire will work on another spark plug and switch wires out.Here’s a list of common questions with answers related to KZ900 / 1000 engines.The answers come from a lot of years of experience with these bikes.The coils work with dyna aftermarket electronic ignitions and will also work with the stock points if ballast resistors are installed. I installed them on my KZ900 and used colorful words several times as I worked to position them on the original mounting brackets with the spacers and routing the wires.

What's important in that matter is how you intend to realistically ride the motorcycle and how large you’re making the motor.Split the cases and inspect everything in the bottom end.Once the crankshaft is in your hands, for a couple of hundred dollars, you can have it inspected and welded. The condition of the connecting rods and main bearings has nothing to do with welding.Aluminum Handlebars for your KZ1000 I like aluminum handlebars because they don’t rust!Living in Hawaii, the environment is humid and when you’re near the beach the salt in the air gets on your bike.

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If you pay attention to the information provided here, you can get the most bang for your buck and have a strong running Kawasaki as the end result. KZ900 - 1015cc KZ1000 - 1105cc [1075cc is suggested as the safe size without potential heating issues]Do I need to weld the crankshaft?

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