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There are too many people with varying personalities.The "practice" you get in high school will be almost useless considering that no one is able to practice for the millions of differing personalities in this world.The distractions that you refer to are distractions that are unavoidable.You are completely right in that judgment is not completely developed in his/her twenties.Teen traumas have caused suicides, depression, and fear.

However, experience in high school relationships prepares one for future relationships outside of school in the working world.

The same goes for sex in general; not abuse, but sex. " after all, eight-nine percent of 13 to 19 year olds "practiced" dating before.

Many adults and highschoolers will have sex regardless of relationships, so prohibiting dating would just make the sex even less meaningful between people. Also, notice that countries that don't advocate dating as much are on the lower end of the list.

All my statements are general, exceptions do not necessarily counter my arguments.

I am not arguing that it should be illegal to date, I am just trying to give reasons why parents should teach their children that high school is not the right time to date.

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