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Carol Burnett turned 85 on April 26, but inside she says she’s still about 8.Which makes her new Netflix series a bit like playtime in the sandbox.

Books were attributed to pagan authors, and names drawn from the repertoire of biblical personalities, such as Adam, Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Baruch, and Jeremiah.Early Christianity showed great interest in Jewish traditions and stories about biblical figures and events, and as a result scholars now have access to a substantial library of Jewish writing, created during a crucial period of Jewish history, but preserved only within the Christian tradition.Certain of the apocryphal works were known in Jewish tradition throughout the Middle Ages, not necessarily in their full texts, but in shortened and retold versions, or in translations back into Hebrew or Aramaic from Christian languages.They provide essential evidence of Jewish literature and thought during the period between the end of biblical writing (ca.400 BCE) and the beginning of substantial rabbinic literature in the latter part of the first century CE.

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  1. I met Nick on BBWDating Love and it was by accident really, I had gotten his wink and was writing him a "yeah, you live in Canada" letter but in mid paragraph he popped up and said HI and I thought what the heck its not like this is going to go any where and its nice sometimes just talking to someone who can just be their authentic self for once since I had already written this guy off due to geography (I wasn't looking to relocate that far) we talk and the more get chatted the more I liked him and so after six or so months he flew out and met me and my whole entire family...

  2. I’ve had this problem with unwanted male attention since I was 11 years old. IDK why I share this, except to say I’ve always had this issue, and I think I have felt bad about it for a very long time. ” “Aw, my dad goes to ballroom dancing classes with my mom, it’s the cutest. If he gives you the classic angry “I WAS ONLY JOKING, JEEZ, CAN’T YOU TAKE A JOKE, DID YOU THINK I WAS REALLY HITTING ON YOU?