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The shallow graves here are marked with piles of stones.

Yet, this place, like Arlington, is a well visited cemetery May 4, 2018 04May18 Tombstone Arizona 1 It’s a town named for what others thought would happen to its founder.

But it seems many in this town knew what was going on, yet there was good reason to simply carry on without saying a word…

May 29, 2018 29May18 Fountain City IN Levi Coffin 1 In Fountain City, Indiana you will find an older brick home with quite a story.

This isn’t any ordinary man and this is far from “just” a wall…

May 10, 2018 10May18 John J Audobon 1 Frankly, he had the makings of a man who would squander his family’s money and accomplish little in life.The marks of that battle can still be seen on some of the buildings here…May 22, 2018 22May18 Cannonball House 1 The city of Macon, Georgia is still a place where you can find elegant plantation mansions…homes of some of the wealthiest southerners built in the years before the Civil War. May 21, 2018 21May18 Atomic Clock 3 If I said I’d be back in a second…I’d literally be back in 9,192, 631,770 cycles of a cesium atom.But in it’s short life, this has become a place where thousand come to pay respects and remember the price of freedom…May 24, 2018 24May18 Vietnam Wall 1 A few years ago I sat on a park bench and visited with a man about a wall he helped build.

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