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It is known for its white beaches and its cristalclear blue seas.

The Dominican Republic has a very mild climate and is therefore the most visited tourist destination in the Caribean.As a marriage agency we also provide a 1:1 personal introduction service in the capital Santo Domingo, where you can meet you desired woman in person.Our local agent will introduce you and will be available during the meeting and translate for both of you for a time period of 2 hours.When it comes to dating in general, men complain that they don’t get women. Dance to impress Well, whether you like it or not, Dominican women love to dance! So, if you don’t like dancing, then it can be a big hindrance. There are many dishes that she will appreciate including Tostones, Fritos and Platano. So, it is important for you to understand and appreciate her love for her family.Well, then dating a Dominican woman can be an even more complicated affair for you. She will immediately appreciate if you show a flair for dancing. If you have a sense of rhythm and can shake your body to the beautiful Latin music, then that is more than enough to impress her. Your chances will improve dramatically if you put in an effort in that direction. If you are that bad in dancing, at least be open to make a complete fool of yourself on the dance floor. She will definitely appreciate the effort, even if the dish is not that great. You shouldn’t expect them to take care of your bills. But that doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of their kindness.

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If you don´t have the time to go for some holidays you can also simply browse our Dominican women profiles and contact them on your own. If you are not a family oriented person, then you don’t have much luck dating a Dominican woman. If you don’t appreciate family, then you don’t expect her to like you.

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