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The Royal Doulton Coaching Days series is an all time classic.

It was designed by the noted cartoonist and illustrator Victor Venner; introduced in 1905 and was in production until 1955.

It has all the attributes that set it amongst the collectable giants.

It was in production a long time, there were stacks of it produced in an almost limitless range of shapes, including both Bone China and Earthen Ware.

The “Snow Ground” is rare and appears on both earthern ware and a bone china base.

The true snow ground takes two forms, in one the horse and coach is struggling through a blizzard, sometimes the artist has applied so much falling snow that it almost appears to be in white out conditions.

Mark below left – note the 15 beside the crown – denotes 1942.There coach forms deep wheel ruts in the snow and the men's foot prints are clearly visible in the snow.From time to time I have seen examples of Snow Ground put forward that I do not feel that these are true snow ground examples.Image courtesy of Barb from NZ The gent to right of the coach choofing on a pipe.This is the only time I have seen this guy, does anybody else have an exampe of this scene or has anybody ever seen him in any other scenes?

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