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Magnus was in turn able to heal him and stayed with him until just before he recovered.During the time when Alec was unconscious and recovering, Valentine Morgenstern finally revealed himself, and their mentor Hodge was discovered to be in league with Valentine.Hurt and confused about the revelation, their parents allowed the vindictive Inquisitor Herondale to investigate Jace as other members of the Clave suspected Jace of possibly being in league with Valentine.In the weeks that followed, Alec and the others tried to help clear Jace's name.After verifying Magnus' attraction to him and working up the courage, Alec asked him out.Magnus then gave him his first kiss and agreed to go on a date with him.

Throughout this time, Alec tried to keep their relationship a secret, though this fact quickly became obvious to his friends.

In a fight against the Greater Demon Abbadon, Alec was gravely injured.

With their tutor Hodge unable to treat him, he contacted Magnus Bane before he abandoned the children.

The night before Jace's transfer to Idris, he was imprisoned by the Inquisitor in a Malachi Configuration and while it had been Jace's undiscovered skills that got him out of the cage, Alec helped him and made it clear whose side he was on.

While Jace went to Valentine's ship with Magnus and Luke, Alec and Izzy stayed behind to cover for him with the Inquisitor.

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