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I wanted to impress him, but it wasn’t always like that.

We had been together a year before I really allowed myself to try smoking weed.

I felt that we connected better, and were able to really express our love for each other when we were high.

The more we smoked, the more I depended on weed to make me happy; this was not only in my life, but also with my boyfriend.

The suits are in relation to repeated comments he has made calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax. Ireland is about to hold a historic referendum on repealing the country's Eighth Amendment, which in effect bans abortion.

Vaccines to treat affected areas of the Ebola outbreak in the Congo are available, but the maps distributed to get to them are inaccurate. President Trump's latest threat of auto tariffs affects NAFTA negotiations; to why families of Sandy Hook victims are suing talk-show host Alex Jones; to an Ebola vaccine made in Canada rolling out in the DRC ... As esports grow exponentially in popularity, young players are starting to take advantage of the financial opportunities that lie in becoming a professional gamer. As international interest in the vote has grown, it is being seen as a test case for electoral integrity.

Next month, Correctional Service of Canada is providing clean needles to drug users in two federal prisons.There came a point where I questioned why we should even bother spending time together if we weren’t going to get high. By the time I realized what I had done, it was too late.Our relationship deteriorated in a way that could never be repaired.Critics argue it's a dangerous move but a prisoner support group worries how the pilot project will roll out.From concerns over a pilot program in two federal prisons providing clean needles to drug users; to whether a ban on plastic bags is helping or hurting Kenya; to research that suggests conventional anti-bias training may do more harm than good ... A Thursday deadline set by Kinder Morgan to be assured the Trans Mountain pipeline is going ahead is not stopping opponents from pushing back on the project.

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