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One of her earliest contributions involved a common impediment to treating children with asthma: the lack of “spacers” that enable small children to breathe in inhaled medication at a natural rate.

As a paediatric respirologist who had just returned to South Africa from sub-specialty training at Columbia University in New York, Dr Zar adapted regular plastic soda or water bottles for the purpose.

This revision of humanity’s distant origins came about thanks to the work of Professor Mee-mann Chang, who has spent decades examining fish fossils, some of which date back to the Devonian period, some 400 million years ago.

In 1982, she completed a 3D reconstruction of the skull of a fish, called "Youngolepis", from the Devonian era, finding characteristics that identified it as an early relative of the tetrapod, while also sharing features with the lungfish.

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Thorax 2007;7–765 Biological Sciences/Palaeontology Professor, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China In evolutionary theory, it was long thought that land mammals, including humans, evolved from fish, through the intermediary of a species called lungfish that had the ability to breathe through gills as well as lungs. In fact, lungfish and the amphibian tetrapods from which mammals evolved can be traced back to a marine life form dating back 400 million years: the sarcopterygian lobe-finned fish.She demonstrated that preventative use of a common tuberculosis treatment, the antibiotic “isoniazid”, reduced mortality by 50% and tuberculosis incidence by 70% in HIV-infected children who were not undergoing antiretroviral therapy.Heather Zar is committed to reducing health inequalities in the world.Each year, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science award recognizes 5 eminent female scientist from the 5 regions of the world for their remarkable contribution to the advancement of research.Researchers from all over the world are invited to nominate candidates.

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By awarding prizes and fellowships in international, regional and national ceremonies, the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation recognizes and supports the career of the most brilliant women scientists.

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