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Damn, man, this bitch is a Stan Muah, muah, the generous queen will kiss a fan Ass goodbye, I'ma be riding by I'ma tell my nigga Biggz, yeah that's tha guy A star's a star, da ha da ha They never thought the swish god would take it this far Get my pimp cup, this is pimp shit, baby I only rock with Queens, so I'm makin' hits with Katy Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket They know what is what(Do they know?)But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the...

Back in June, Katy waved the white flag in an interview with Arianna Huffington. I forgive her and I'm sorry for anything I ever did,’ she said. There are bigger fish to fry.’To date, the Kanye West adversary has released two music videos from her latest project: Look What You Made Me Do and Ready for It?

The music video was shot in Tokyo, Miami, and London.

While there was no sign of Katy Perry, Taylor's good friend Ed Sheeran made several appearances.

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Taylor Swift is just a click away now that her free app—The Swift Life— is available for download from the app store.

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