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President Lincoln pardon for Patrick Murphy, a Civil War soldier in the Union Army who was court-martialed for desertion.Records of the Judge Advocate General (Army) National Archives.Students are advised that they must attend the UTC fully – time off during term time is not permitted, other than in highly exceptional circumstances.Every working day is vitally important and full attendance, punctuality and commitment to learning and working is expected of all members of the UTC.The Inspector General’s Archival Recovery Team has proven once again its importance in contributing to our shared commitment to secure the nation’s historical record.” National Archives archivist Trevor Plante reported to the National Archives Office of Inspector General that he believed the date on the Murphy pardon had been altered: the “5” looked like a darker shade of ink than the rest of the date and it appeared that there might have been another number under the “5”.

In 1998, Lowry was recognized in the national media for his “discovery” of the Murphy pardon, which was placed on exhibit in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.In an effort to determine who altered the Murphy pardon, the Office of the Inspector General contacted Lowry, a recognized Lincoln subject-matter expert, for assistance.Lowry initially responded, but when he learned the basis for the contact, communication to the Office of Inspector General ceased. Against National Archives regulations, Lowry brought a fountain pen into a National Archives research room where, using fadeproof, pigment-based ink, he altered the date of the Murphy pardon in order to change its historical significance.The new facility includes 14 bus bays that will see approximately 650 departures each weekday.The building contains a 590 m2 concourse with seating, office space, new male and female public toilets, lifts to the first floor and the city’s first Changing Places toilet with changing bench, shower and X/Y hoist.

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Lowry subsequently cited the altered record in his book, , published in 1999.

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