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Next in value came the sixpence, a smaller cupronickel coin 19mm in diameter.

At 2.88g, it weighed less than a third the weight of the penny.

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Pre-decimal coin information Prior to decimalisation in 1971, British coinage reflected a monetary system dating back to the middle ages.

The largest of the pre-decimal coins in common use was the half-crown.

As the official sovereign mint of the United States, the US Mint is responsible for both the production of American currency and a range of bullion and proof coinage for investors and collectors.An even smaller coin, the farthing, representing 1/4 of a penny, was withdrawn in 1960.Unlike modern pennies, pre-decimal pennies were large, heavy coins, over an inch in diameter at 31mm. Unlike the other , the threepence was not circular. The threepence was also distinctive in its material; while the penny and halfpenny were bronze and the higher-denomination coins were cupronickel, the threepenny coin was a nickel-brass alloy.Saint-Gaudens crowning achievement was the Lady Liberty design that features Liberty in full-length figure, her hair and robe flowing freely in the breeze as she strides forward confidently from the nation’s capital.In her right and left hand are a torch for light, and an olive branch signifying peace; all the things she’ll need to guide the nation toward a peaceful, if unknown, future.

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