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These four judgments will occur in their stated order.Four distinctive blows will produce unimaginable death and destruction.The second judgment will be an asteroid impact in an ocean.The resulting tsunami will destroy of coastal cities.I may be slightly biased when giving my recommendation here because I'm the type of person who loves the meshing of multiple genres.

I understand that these four judgments could fall over a period of about sixty days.Not everything in the world is dour and depressing and not everything is cheerful, so a nice blend of the two is always what draws me in more.The Polka King does a great job at making you laugh, but you also feel terrible for this guy, who steals everyone's money, but his heart's always in the right place.The first judgment will come as a fire storm of burning hail.Jesus will rain down white hot meteors on notoriously wicked places and incinerate them (just as He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah).

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His display of wrath is carefully designed to accomplish many objectives and one of them is to prompt a unified response from mankind.

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