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This however will probably soon be rectified by his executors, who have absolutely unrestricted ownership of the residue, which probably amounts to a moiety of the estate. Rhodes was amenable to my suggestion about the American extension of his scholarship BECAUSE IT SO THOROUGHLY JUMPED WITH HIS OWN IDEAS. I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL DO THE GOVERNING OF THE NATIONS IN THE YEARS THAT ARE TO COME."(President Bill Clinton, Pilgrims Society, is a Rhodes Scholar; Byron White, a Supreme Court Justice 1962-1993, was a Rhodes Scholar; Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pilgrims Society, was a Rhodes Scholar---see "Paper Money Mobster Speaks," Archives of Silver Investor.Trustees of the Rhodes Trust are invariably Pilgrims Society members; the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations are largely Pilgrims Society members; Bilderberg and Trilateral were founded by Pilgrims Society members (David Rockefeller, John J."Best souls" means "most conspiratorial minds;" "first organization" means The Pilgrims Society of London and New York; and "the seizure of the wealth necessary" means many planned disasters caused by government actions negatively impacting the wealth of nonmembers, and those outside the ranks of such unofficial subsidiary organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations, which has long served as a staffing agency for multiple Presidential administrations.

Whether the excuse cited is North Korea, the Middle East or other, the actual reason is to break us and prevent capital formation on our part!

When he first told me about it, the scheme was limited to British colonies.

"It is admirable," I said, "but would it not be still better if you could extend it so as to bring the Americans into it? Rhodes doubted whether his estate would bear such an extension, with which in principle he entirely concurred.

Their definition of "uncivilized parts of the world" includes any areas they wish to bring under control, by means of World War I, World War II, regional wars, and the Third World War, still to come.

They speak of their judgment that certain nations must "depart," meaning, cease to exist as sovereign states!

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