Dating my guild

Here are a few pics of my new baby: a crock Wow, really?I decided to sell this guitar TODAY, because I no longer have a job.How about you all get a pool of money together and send it my way so I can keep the guitar instead? People are too quick to why I'd rather hang out with my dog more than people. Yes, you can certainly do what you want with your possesions.

I know they only made the Guild in Corona for a few years (2001-2004ish) but I would just like to know if I could specifically date it.Nothing wrong with that, but why not just state your intentions up front? We are a helpful group as you discovered, no need for hiding motives for the seriously dude, a message on e Bay telling me the "higher ups" are watching me? And it sucks you lost your job, so I hope the sale goes well for you. I think folks here feel somewhat betrayed when a new(-ish) member comes on to share a great guitar with the enthusiasts here and it appears that said person is just fishing for info to sell the item.

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I also cannot seem to find what these guitars cost to buy when they were brand new?

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