Dating old friend high school

n i normally try to stay out of peoples way (so im not an attention seeker) bc i get bullied bc im an emo.i do wear eyeliner but no more than any normal girl wud! i dont cry in class- well i do occasionally, when i've had a stressful day.i don't have friends in most of my classes though because they aren't as smart as me (and i'm not saying that to be mean, they're just in lower level classes than me).i also don't participate in many clubs or anything outside of school. I have a group of friends, but over the past while I've sensed and experienced a rift between us. When I'm in the same class with them I mostly sit on the other side of the room...At all previous comments, if a jock is simply taken to be a person who participates actively in school athletics, then there is no need to attach additional information which does not exist.

Emo stands for emotive hardcore, not emotional, but I feel like it has become these days. And, as far as genres go, isn't that how a lot of stereotypes or styles are born?

Luckily people keep out of my way and I keep out of their way. While I have "friends" that I might talk to at school (friends in " because most of them are backstabbing pieces of crap who talk to me once a week or something).

I'm awkward and can't quite control my emotional states.

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I got all A's in some of the hardest classes including APUSH.

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