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Wikipedia seems to be the root of this misinformation campaign, but that cites no sources - and people just seem to accept it without a second thought...

For more details on this record, please visit the Blue Oyster Cult Songatorium page for this recording... Edgar Winter was also on the show and Paul Simon was standing next to me in the audience.

If the above holds true that BOC were on the Friday bill with Edgar Winter, then bearing in mind, that most acts did two nights (Fri and Sat) then logic would suggest that BOC were probably on this supposed Saturday show also. Now, I had been wondering if this date was a joint BOC/Alice date - both uk and confirm Alice played a gig at "Warren Wilson College" in Asheville on 9 May. which when i got it it was recorded backwards on the tape... and most likely closer to 1/72, because they didn't play any songs from their "upcoming" album.

I was thinking there might have been a mix-up with the Wilson College and Wilson NC mentions, so far as BOC's possible participation might have been concerned? I saw another entry for May 1972 on the site where there was confusion about Wilson, NC or Wilson College in Asheville NC on May 3 or May 9 1972, but I can tell you that the gig I saw was DEFINITELY in Wilson NC, so May 1972 meshes perfectly.

It was in the college's smallish gymnasium, and acoustics were awful. that I still remember and can hum because my friend recorded some of the show on his portable cassette player, and i played the tape over and over for weeks... It was a real letdown to find that the studio version from the album that I purchased shortly after wasn't nearly as interesting, and that just in general the album did not live up to the live experience.I'm convinced that the answer of who was on the above-mentioned BOC bills lies within their pages, so if anyone has any access to these old issues (maybe next time you're in the micro-fiche dept of your library, if you live local), then please let me know.But one thing I did discover - in the issue of the Voice was a pic box ad for a production of "Superstar" which was scheduled to play The Rock Pile on 7-8-9 January 1972.Many of the dates on this page come straight from Bolle Gregmar/Gary Aschliman's 1972 gig lists for With most of this site's gig pages, I've been able to use their invaluable research as a starting point and then investigate further.

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The annoying thing is that, while Google have done a great job creating an online digital archive that includes issues of "The Village Voice", the entire first few months of 1972 are missing (as are the entire run from 1968, which is sad from an SWU point of view).

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