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Lilly ran off in tears, the rest of us again in shock.

How I wished William could see this and avoid the biggest mistake of his life.

But she is my cousin, and he is someone I once loved. And all guests were to wear Edwardian clothing ONLY.I stood by him and he told me the cost of this affair (I nearly fainted) and how he wishes he had never met her, because he could tell he’d be miserable. We who were out there remained for some time, and regretted going back.In the meager half hour she was drunk off her rocker, standing by the cake, with a bottle of whisky almost gone.Once in England, we were to be there one night before departing for the ship the next day. In that time she found new dresses she wanted everyone to wear. Like we had money to spare after our wardrobes for the trip. But the way he looked at me told me he still felt something for me. The next morning we boarded the ship and were given cards with our staterooms on them. The rehearsal was actually fun, and went as one should.I ran out of the hotel room so hurt and cried and tried to get lost so she couldn’t find me. I jumped up, stated the name, and ran back to the elevator, up to my room. He had gone to the store and asked to buy the dresses on hold for the X party, and he was delivering them. The bridesmaids, myself included, were actually given rooms made over to look like maids’ quarters on Titanic. The guests, with few exceptions, were placed in “second-class” and “steerage,” depending on how much she liked everybody. She wore the Jump dress and I wore a fashion I’d seen on a website of old fashions. I was not the only one with the idea to walk to deck to watch the sunrise.

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At about six that evening, my roommate and I were napping, exhausted from the redeye. Some of the guests were dressed more period than others, but only those in the first-class and “servants” quarters were allowed this night. The night drew to a close and I thought the good would come, if tonight were an indicator. Jennifer slept until just a couple of hours before the ceremony, which was fine with all of us.

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