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Your cycle length is the number of days from the first day of one menstrual period through the day before the first day of the next period.

If you have a record of your previous cycles, count how long each cycle was over the last x amount of months.

Author and physician Landrum Shettles says in his book, (Doubleday), that the father should not have an ejaculation for the three days before the "target date" (a day or two before ovulation) if you're trying for a boy.

If a girl is your goal, have intercourse regularly, but stop three days before ovulation.

We suggest you use the ovulation calculator to find your expected ovulation date and fertile window and then use any of the following methods to help confirm your ovulation date.

It can also be helpful to focus on days your vaginal mucus is watery and stretchy, like raw egg white. If you do NOT want to become pregnant, remember that almost any day is potentially a fertile day depending on your cycle length and timing of ovulation.

When you have intercourse, the sperm released by your partner can survive for several days.

Despite the variable nature of ovulation, an ovulation calculator provides a platform or base to start from if you are seeking to optimize your chances of pregnancy.

Ovulation calculator results should be confirmed by using an ovulation test kit or monitor, see here.

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Add 28 32 26 32 31 30 = 179 Divide 179 by 6 = 29.8 days Round the result up or down Your average cycle length for the last 6 months is 30 days Example: Last menstrual period = January 1 Average cycle length (see above) = 30 days Anticipated next menstrual period = January 31 Expected ovulation date for January cycle = January 17 Fertile window = January 12 to January 17 Most fertile = January 14 to 17 Possibly fertile = January 10 and 11 If you already know your ovulation date, subtract 5 days from your ovulation date (find the day which is 5 days before your ovulation date).

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