Dating recently separated man children

That is, unless your children have something to say about it. What do they have to look forward to in your remarriage?

Remarriage is shaping up to be the best time of your life.

You found your soul mate; your children found a stranger in their home.

You found a partner in parenting; your children found a new nag.

Acting defensively, your children may try to end your new marriage before that bond can form.

Children try to undermine your present marriage by violating your privacy.

Less of your attention, a new adult to boss them around, and a walking reminder of the loss they experienced over your first divorce? Even if they like your new spouse and his or her family, they saw the first marriage fall apart.

The threat of being separated from more loved ones, by a second divorce, ominously looms over them.

One of the few things they do have power over, however, is the leakage of information from your home into that of your ex.

It stresses your marriage as you and your spouse struggle to establish boundaries between past and present relationships.

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