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His “parliament” urged him not to, on the ground that the resolution is no more than an American-inspired pretext for an invasion.

This time, too, some members are liable to take a more indulgent view than others of “minor” Iraqi infractions. Much will depend on the verdict of Hans Blix, the inspectorate's head.If Saddam declares only a part of what he is concealing, he needs to be certain that no foreign intelligence service can guide the inspectors to something he has left out.The safest way for him to save his head is therefore to make a clean breast of everything. What could be more humiliating for this martyr-hero than to admit that he had been fibbing all along, and was coming clean now only at the point of an American gun?But now that the Security Council has offered Saddam this sombre “final opportunity”, its credibility really is in peril.If Saddam pokes even half a finger in the world's eye, Mr Bush will deserve the Security Council's support when he resorts to war, especially from those members who have lately made such a song and dance about America's tendency to act alone.

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