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How about breakout sessions like: ENGAGING YOUTH IN RESEARCH: Youth today are some of the most active avid users of technology, yet digital outreach and digital privacy still […] As an over-packer in recovery, I have brought many unnecessary items with me on trips around the world.

But as a seasoned human-centered design professional I knew that my suitcase to Rwanda needed to have not just sharpies and post-its to document quotes and takeaways during the […] Last week the YTH Team had the opportunity to present our they2ze mobile app at the Southern California Sexual Health Summit in Downtown Los Angeles.

As the sea receded, a shallow lagoon formed above a shoal and coral reef in what is now the south-southeast part of the Plateau.

Over millions of years, carbonate mud petrified to become the layers from which the pyramid builders quarried limestone blocks and from which they carved the Sphinx. The lowest stratum of the statue is the hard, brittle rock of the ancient reef, Member I.

The Sphinx is carved from the natural limestone of the Giza Plateau known as the Mokkatam Formation.

An Eocene-period sea retreated 50 million years ago, leaving an embankment that became the north-northwest part of the Giza Plateau.

The theory posits that the Sphinx and the exterior of the tomb of Debehen (contemporary with Menkaure, 2490-2472 BC) should have weathered exactly the same unless the Sphinx was older and was weathered by water during a wetter period.

Learn the latest research and insights to learn why.Member III, from which the neck and head are carved, is softer at the neck and harder at the head.This is good building stone, which is why most of it was quarried away.Learn their stories and see the incredible resilience of transgender youth for yourself in their stories below!Still need a reason to attend the 10th Anniversary of the first Youth Tech Health Conference?

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  1. That’s what I’m hoping to do with my career: to create more content that has diversity inherent in it, just by virtue of my experiences in America. Do we decide to focus on the stories of only white people?