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He added: 'When he was informed last month that he would receive the Medal of Honor, he said, and I quote, "This medal belongs to them.

It's my mission to tell everyone thank you for recognizing me, but this does not belong to me. That's how I'm coping with it mentally".'There have been 3,512 Medals of Honor awarded to the nation's heroic military men and women since the decoration was created in 1862 with around half awarded to those who fought in the Civil War.

Had I actually shot him, it would have been far worse.''His leg - I looked down, and the back half of his calf, it's gone,' Brink said.

He dragged Groberg to a ditch where the medic, who had also been wounded, began administering care from what turned out in Groberg's case to be an agonizing, three-year recovery process.

Police have a tip that heroin was hidden on the plane, and surveillance is set up outside the airport’s perimeter fence.

Around midnight a “Bayonne Custodial Services” van pulls up to the warehouse.

Others have received the award during the Second World War, Vietnam and Afghanistan conflicts.became the first Marine Medal of Honor recipient out of the war in Afghanistan.

In 2009, he had ignored orders to stay put and fought his way into an ambush to help rescue three dozen Afghan and American troops and to recover four dead Americans.

'It was a family, that's the best way to describe the closeness of the team...

Another recent bombshell report to rock the liberal radio network said NPR journalist John Hockenberry had sexually harassed and and bullied colleagues for years before he retired, seemingly out of the blue, in August.

The article's author, Suki Kim, said she reported her experiences working with Hockenberry to Walker in February, long before the tidal wave of sexual harassment stories, starting with Harvey Weinstein, began.

More correctly, it’s based on a story truly told to them by Frank Lucas. First, Nate Rose—true name Leslie “Ike” Atkinson—was not a lackey of Frank Lucas as portrayed in the movie. I was one of the criminal investigators who helped end the so-called Asian Connection.

Second, Lucas likely never traveled to the Golden Triangle, let alone purchased heroin there. In early 1970, after serving a year in Vietnam as an Army Intelligence Officer, I joined the federal narcotics agency that in 1973 became the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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The cops tail them to a seedy housing project in Newark and raid the apartment that Lucas uses as his cutting and bagging pad.

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